Friday, October 02, 2015


I have tended to be a tad reactionary in the past. When I hear bad news, or am feeling blue, or get over stressed, I have at times reacted poorly or made rash statements or decisions. I am still feeling quite thrown by some events from this week, and when I went on my run this morning I was disappointed in how I felt physically. There is always the temptation in times like these to just say, "To hell with it," and decide to quit running, or quit caring, or quit... whatever.

For a simple soul such as myself, I've discovered that sometimes I rather need to just pause. I need to withhold judgement, reaction, decision-making... and just "be" for a time. I don't like talking about things; I don't like watching funny movies or doing something to keep my mind off things. It just takes me awhile.

So..... yeah.