Monday, December 28, 2015

Christmas 2015

I've been off the air for a few days. Seems like forever. We had a nice Christmas back home in Illinois with the family.

Christmas morning Jane and I went over to Drew Carrie's and had cinnamon rolls and coffee and checked out the grandkids's new presents. We then returned home and opened our gifts from each other. I got Jane the traditional Ansel Adams calendar, as well as two dvd's: A Christmas Story, and Christmas Vacation. Jane got me a flask and a "Life's Little Instructional Book."

Around lunch time Isaac and Ricci arrived from her family's side, and Drew Carrie came over. We then all left for Illinois. The kids & grandkids all stayed with my parents, and Jane and I stayed out at Mark's house. We took two vehicles - Jane, Isaac and myself in our car; The Feipels and Ricci in their van - and we made it in 4 1/2 hours.

After visiting with my parents for awhile and having supper, we then headed out to Mark's where his kids and grandkids were gathered: Bradley & Laura, Joe & Anna and their daughter, and Tim & Elizabeth and their 3 kids (the youngest being like 10 days old).

Saturday we pretty much hung out at my parents house. Drew and I had to go to Kewanee to get my parents a new dvd player so we could watch movies. Otherwise we just stuffed ourselves with food and opened more presents. In the evening my nephew Kyle and his wife and their two dogs stopped for a brief visit. They were traveling from my sisters house in Minnesota back to their home in Florida. Saturday night our kids went to Tim's house and we stayed at my parent's and watched the grandkids until they fell asleep. Then we went back out to Mark's and slept.

Sunday we went to Tim's church in Kewanee with the Feipels (Isaac and Ricci slept in). It was a nice service and we enjoyed it. Afterward we went back to my parent's and had an assortment of leftovers for lunch, then headed back to Indiana.

We made it back in about 4:15 and all went to our house. We had pizza from Mad Anthony's for supper and opened presents at our house Sunday night. I got a couple cool books from the kids - which I will share more about later - and we stayed up way too late.

Today we all slept in and have been hanging out being lazy at our house. There was freezing rain overnight and all day, so I'm glad we traveled yesterday. On Christmas day it was an unbelievably warm, almost 60 degree day. It was crazy.

Isaac and Ricci will head back to Indy tomorrow morning, and I will go back to work. It's been a nice little holiday.