Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Christmas books

I mentioned in an earlier post about some gifts we got from the kids. In particular, we received these three books.
  • The Life of Christ in Woodcuts (James Reid) - I believe this is an original copy. There are updated versions, but this is a first-edition from 1930. It is an old library book (#232). Not sure where I & R picked this up for me, but on this site it's listed for $120. Very cool!
  • Crafting With Wood Pallets (Becky Lamb) - Drew Carrie bought me this book. I have had an itch to start working on some wood products. I'm not sure they even knew that I had a stockpile of pallets at work. I'm also in talks with a tenant of mine who has a bunch of old wood-working equipment he may sell me. This could come in very handy!
  • Hannah Coulter (Wendell Berry) - I/R gave this novel by Wendell Berry to Jane. I am not familiar with it, but have read much from other people ABOUT Wendell, so I have an inkling it will be very good.
Quite good picks, I'd say.