Thursday, December 17, 2015

Jane goes to colorado; no, illinois

M'Lady was all set to fly to Colorado Tuesday, but had a sudden change of plans at the last minute. She was flying out of Indianapolis at 6:30pm and was set to arrive in Denver, CO around 7:45pm. She would then take a rental car to her brother's in Loveland. However, they got a foot or so of snow Tuesday and her flight was delayed until late into the night/early morning. She could have still gone, but because of the timing, and reason for the trip, she just cancelled it. Fortunately they gave her a refund on her plane ticket.

Instead she drove to Illinois to rest and see family and friends for a few days. This is what she had originally planned to do this week anyway. After leaving her job she needed some down time. So, I'm glad it worked out this way.

It is a bummer the Colorado trip didn't work out though, as the reason she made last-minute plans to go was because her brother's mate died and the funeral was yesterday. She apparently had a heart attack while taking a bath and her brother found her. So it was a sad occasion and I'm sure he would have appreciated Jane's support, but he was also glad that she didn't try to make it out with all the winter weather they were getting.

So, that's what happened.