Thursday, December 24, 2015

New glasses

Jane and I each got two new pairs of eyeglasses yesterday. Hers are very fun and attractive; mine... well, they're glasses. You can see them above. One pair are plastic frames, and they're kind of clear/gray/silver; the other pair are sort of a copper color - like my pair before I got the black frames.

The reason we needed new glasses was because our last pair were both scratched so bad. I got mine in March of 2014. We got them at the eye doctor we went to, and for as much as they cost I expected them to last a lot longer than they did.

So, Jane found a coupon to an Eyemart Express where we could each get two pair for $99 each. Of course when we went to the store we discovered you could only choose between about 4 pairs of frames. However they gave us a coupon for $119 for two pairs each on a wider selection. And, wouldn't you know it, when I went to get mine they said I would have to pay $189 for two pair (because of my type of lenses or the size of the frame or something). Anyway, that's still way cheaper than any other place we've bought glasses.

I have never really liked these cheap places because you get what you pay for. But I figured "what the heck." So I bought the above two pairs. I was kind of happy to get the plastic frames, because I'd always been told I couldn't wear plastic frames because my nose was too small to hold them up. Although I do need to take them back to be fixed because the one ear piece is sticking out funky to the side.

They're not the greatest quality of frames, but overall I'm fairly satisfied. At least Jane's did only cost $119.