Thursday, January 07, 2016

Defogging the windows

We have always thought fog must follow us around. It seems our car windows always fog up. Recently I have stumbled across two different remedies, and I wanted to note them here before I forgot (again).

First, Lifehacker suggests a preventative measure using A PAIR OF SOCKS FILLED WITH CAT LITTER. They recommend using a silica-type litter; filling one sock and tying it off, then wrapping the other sock around it and tying it. They say to place it inside your car and it will absorb moisture, which keeps the windows from fogging over. [TIP: wrap the end of the sock through a roll of masking tape for a wider pour opening]

Once they have fogged over, this article from Car & Driver offers advice from a former NASA engineer on THE BEST SETTINGS TO DE-FOG YOUR CAR WINDOW. The link contains a video explaining how it works, but these are the settings:
  • Defroster fan on highest setting
  • Temperature control on its hottest
  • A/C turned on
  • Recirculate turned off
  • Crack your windows

So, there you go. Now to remember to do this...