Saturday, January 30, 2016

New toys/tools

I picked up this table saw, band saw, and drill press recently. A storage tenant is trying to get rid of things, and he was also late on his payments, so I traded him 2 months of rent for these 3 items.

I was actually planning on buying a table saw this year with the money I got from Christmas. I felt fortunate to stumble onto these because I got all three for what a new table saw would have cost. So it was beneficial not only to the guy who sold them, but me as well.

They're not new by any means, but they're also not ancient. I tried them all out and they work fine. Now I need to make something... Hmm, where to start? I do have quite a stockpile of pallets at work, and Drew Carrie gave me a pallet book for Christmas, so maybe I'll pick something from that.

One thing I've always wished I had done when younger was to learn a trade. I think everyone should learn some sort of trade - if nothing else - just to have something to fall back on or to pay the bills or even just as a hobby. I've also always thought that if I had it to do over I would go to luthier school and learn to make guitars and other wooden instruments. I would love having my own shop and being able to create things all day.

The tools fit in my garage, but it's not really big enough to make a sufficient work space. Someday, if we stay in this house, I can envision taking the carpet out of the rec room in the basement and turning that into a wood shop. It would be perfect right at the bottom of the stairs, and I could put ventilation fans in a couple windows. But... you know... that's just me dreaming. :)

So, this is something that happened this week, and who knows where it could lead. Probably nowhere, but you never know.