Monday, February 01, 2016

Jane's trip and fws party

A couple of events that happened last week:

Jane spent a couple days at my parent's house last week. I think my mom was needing someone to talk to, and she had been wanting to start clearing out their store room for some time. So the two of them spent basically all day Thursday going through pile after pile of old ...things. I don't think they cleared near enough space to make it an additional bedroom just yet, but it was a great start. Jane arrived their around noon Wednesday, and left to come back home around noon Friday. She also had time to visit her brother Mark, Tim & Elizabeth, and coffee Friday morning at the old Youngren building.

On Saturday night we had the annual FWS holiday party (with spouses included). We had supper at Granite City, then most everyone went to JK O'Donnell's afterwards for drinks and conversation. Those attending were: Kyle & Amber (and Brylee), Drew & Carrie, Karen (and Scott joined us at JK's), Sandi & Rob, Kendra & Tom, Colin & his gf, John & Robin, and Jane & myself. Everyone but Kyle & Amber and Sandi & Rob went to JK's. I had the meatloaf for supper and Jane had the Adult Mac & Cheese. Next year I need to get something else. It was a good time though.

The weather was fairly nice all weekend. It was in the mid-upper fifties both days. Saturday was sunny, but it was overcast and a little rainy Sunday. It looks like Spring should be right around the corner right now, but that's probably wishful thinking.

Now it's on to a new week; and a new month! We will see what it has in store for us...