Saturday, February 27, 2016

Jane's birthday

Just the two of us - from last summer

Today is Lady Jane's 52nd birthday. She is one of those people who simply grow better with age. She has always been even-tempered, calm under pressure, resourceful, hard working, and as sweet and lovely as they come. A true woman of "faith, integrity and fun" - as daughter Carrie says. This year seems even better than before though. I believe quitting at the bank has done a world of good for her heart and soul.

She is currently not working outside the home - unless you count babysitting and a new responsibility on a local hospital review board. She left her job as a banking manager in December, and while she's had a couple job offers, as well as some she didn't get, we are fortunately in a situation where she doesn't need to be in any big hurry to just "find a job." I think she may actually take a part-time job here in the near future, and I feel really good about the direction of our lives at the moment.

For her birthday this year I made her a card. I recently determined that I was no longer going to waste money on store-bought cards - partly because they are so expensive, but also because most of them are downright stupid. Plus, I have Microsoft Publisher at work, and it has a card maker. So I made her a card, and got her a box of chocolates. We are also going out for supper tonight to Biaggi's (just the two of us), and tomorrow night we are celebrating with some friends at Mad Anthony's.

Also for her birthday, she picked out a new dishwasher! It isn't really a birthday present, but we've been needing a new one for awhile now - the old one no longer dried and didn't wash very well anymore - so she took it upon herself to go check them out at the appliance store down the street from our house, and I jokingly told her to just pick out whatever she wanted for her birthday. So she and Anna stopped and picked one out, and they installed it yesterday.

So... hopefully m'Lady will have a grand day and weekend. Love you lots, dear! :)