Friday, February 26, 2016

The book pile at work

This is a list of the books stacked on the end of my desk at work. Some of them I have started, some I work through occasionally, some I am waiting to read, and some I'm reading. Starting at the bottom...
  • Special Deluxe: A Memoir of Life & Cars, by Neil Young. I started reading this some time ago and am currently on pause. I will read bits and pieces from time to time. It's a good book to slow down time. Interesting enough (to me), but not riveting.
  • Coaching Questions: A Coach's Guide to Powerful Asking Skills, by Tony Stoltzfus. Another one that I browse through from time to time. I've read most of it, but it's sort of a workbook-like thing, and I refer back to it quite often for coaching.
  • Learning From Jesus: A Spiritual Formation Guide, from Renovare. I have not yet started this one, but have done the first in this series and am almost done in the second, which is...
  • Connecting With God: A Spiritual Formation Guide, from Renovare. I love these books, and am just about done working through this one. Then I will move on to Learning from Jesus. I don't do a lesson every day, but just every now and then.
  • Waking Up, by Sam Harris. This book belongs to an atheist co-worker of mine. I'm not real sure why he put it here. Probably trying to tell me something, or maybe he thinks I'll read it. I haven't looked at it yet, but I probably will someday. I am not afraid of atheists. They are people too, and I think are generally very intelligent. I get along well with this co-oworker.
  • Huddle Participant Guide, from the folks at 3dm. I have yet to use this, but refer to it now and then.
  • Living the Message: Daily Reflections With Eugene H. Peterson. This is a daily devotional that I have used several times and still occasionally look at.
  • Resident Aliens, by Stanley Haurwas and Will Willimon. I have the original, not the expanded edition, and I have to read it but hope to eventually. I've had it sitting around for probably 10 years.
  • The Sacred Journey, by Frederick Buechner. Again, I have an original, not the updated one I linked to. Another book I have had for quite some time, and likely picked up on a free book pile. I started into it one day, but decided to wait on finishing it. Another nice slow read. Someday.
  • East of Eden, by John Steinbeck. I believe this book was a gift from my son, and I am currently reading it. I have the centennial edition. When I was pastoring I decided one year that I was going to read a Steinbeck book every time I had vacation. So I've read several, but not yet this one. Steinbeck is really the only fictional writer I've ever read more than one books worth. Not sure why I chose him, but it's interesting stuff to me. I decided to tackle this one now because I'm kind of tired of reading church stuff for the time being. Sometimes when I read it I pretend I'm on vacation.
So... these are the books I have with me at work. It's nice in the winter when it's not as busy. I don't do a LOT of reading, but little bits here and there. I won't have a chance to do much pretty soon because we are approaching our busy season again. I will enjoy it until then though.