Wednesday, March 16, 2016

2016 potential races/runs

I always have a hard time finding a good schedule of all the runs/races available in the Fort Wayne area. I found this list on the Fort Wayne Running Club website (which is not very informative, btw). Anyway, I haven't included everything on their list, because I'm not interested in Indianapolis events, but this is a place to start. I want to concentrate on Fort Wayne, and a few others that tripped my trigger. I will likely be editing this from time to time. In fact, at some point I'd like to pinpoint exactly what I'm running this summer. I have bolded the ones I'm particularly interested in at this time:

6 - Field & Road 5k/ St. Al's, Yoder, IN/ Start 1 pm
12 - Ft. Wayne Firefighters 5-kilt/ Ft. Wayne/ Start 9:30 am. (completed)

2 - 36th Annual Nutri Run 20k, 5mi./ Woodside middle school, Ft. Wayne/ Start 11 am.
16 - 7th Annual Discover Roanoke 10k, 5k, 1 mi./ Roanoke, IN/ Start 9 am.
17 - IPFW Mastadon Stomp 5k/ IPFW, Ft. Wayne/ Start 2 pm.
23 - Speak Up 5k/ Grabill Missionary Church, Grabill, IN/ Start 9 am.
30 - Heroes & Villains 5k (costumed)/ Foster Park, Ft. Wayne/ Start 10 am.

7 - Bishop Luers Run With the Knights 10k, 5k/ Foster Park, Ft. Wayne/ Start 9 am.
14 - 3rd Annual Pink Ribbon Run 4 mi & 2 mi/ Lutheran Hospital, Ft. Wayne/ Start 9 am.
21 - AJ Arnet 5k Honor Run/ Concordia HS, Ft. Wayne/ Start 8:30 am.
21 - Spring Vineyard Tr. 5k/ Two EE's Winery, Huntington, IN/ Start 12:45 pm.
21 - Race for the Warrior 5k/ IPFW, Ft. Wayne/ Start 9 am.
28 - Nun Run 5k & Brother Boogie 10k/ Huntington, IN/ Start 9 am

4 - COME UNITY 6k For Water/ Shoaff Park, Ft. Wayne/ Start 9:15 am.
5 - 36th Annual JP Jones Just Plain 10k & 3.3k/ Foster Park, Ft. Wayne/ Start 2 pm.
*18 - Ribfest 5k/ Ft. Wayne (not sure on date)
18 - MicroBrew Mi & 6k Road Race/ Moline, IL/ Start 4 pm.
18 - 6th Annual Frontier Run 'N Fun 10k & 5k/ Ft. Wayne/ Start 7 pm.
18 - Quackers Riverway 5k/ Johnny Appleseed Park, Ft. Wayne/ Start 6:30 pm.
*25 - Zanesville Lions Club 5k/ Zanesville, IN (not sure on date)
25 - Run Like A Hero 5k/ Summit MS, Ft. Wayne/ Start 9 am.

2 - Leo-Cedarville Freedom 5k/ Riverside Gardens Park, Leo-Cedarville, IN/ Start noon.
4 - Crooked Lake Freedom 5/ Angola, IN/ Start 8:30 am.
9 - 22nd Annual Runners On Parade 5k/ Ft. Wayne/ Start 8 am.
*16 - Music On Main 5k/ Sheffield, IL/
23 - Dr. Phillip O'Shaunessy Walk/Run for Health (Matt.25), Foster Park/ Start 7:30 am
30 - 6th Annual New Haven 10k/ Start 7:30 am.
30 - Gator Gallup 5k, Yoder, IN/ Start 7 pm

6 - Seton Fest Miracle Mile 5k/ Seton Catholic Church, Ft. Wayne/ Start 8 am.
7 - 1st Annual 5k/10k to support Temp. Home Ministries/ Grace Gathering, New Haven/ Start 1 pm.
20 - 8th Annual Rotary 5k to Eradicate Polio/ Shoaff Park, Ft. Wayne/ Start 8:30 am.
27 - Taste of the Arts Beat Beethoven/ Ft. Wayne/ Start 8:30 am.

3 - Parlor City Trot, Bluffton, IN/ Start 7:30 am

1 - Fort 4 Fitness/ Ft. Wayne
*30 - River City Rat Race/ Ft. Wayne

19 - Turkey Trot 5k/ Fox Island, Ft. Wayne/ Start
24 - Galloping Gobbler Thanksgiving Run/ St. Francis, Ft. Wayne/ Start

* = lack of information but definitely want to run these whenever they are.