Tuesday, March 15, 2016

New tv

We bought a new television for the basement living room this past Sunday. Our old one had been given to us by a friend and it finally crashed. It was one of the old style sets that is deeper than it is wide, and it's pretty big and H.E.A.V.Y. Someday we'll figure out how to get it out of the basement. In the meantime, we are happy with our new purchase.

We went to Best Buy just to look. We were thinking new tv's were like $600 or something. Well, we ended up getting one on the spot. We bought a 48" Insignia HDTV with built in Roku. We were going to get the regular one for $319, but when we saw the one with the Roku for only $30 more, we thought we could use the Roku machine we have on the little tv upstairs.

We brought it home and had it together in no time. Since it has the built in Roku, and it was a new tv, we could get rid of the old Roku and the converter box we'd been using. So that means we now only have ONE remote control!!! How cool is that? The only wires are the AC plug, the dvd player, and where the rabbit ears plug in. Plus it is really, really light.

Set-up was a breeze. The instructions were pretty basic. We just plugged it in, punched in our wireless info, our Roku and Amazon accounts, set it up for antenna tv, and we were in business.

It is actually probably too big for us. We would have been fine with a 36-40". But we've never really had a nice big tv before, so we were pretty excited. It's almost like we're at the movies! It's also really nice having the built in Roku. I usually opt against built in things - because it's easier to fix/replace elements instead of entire pieces - but I didn't think we could pass it up for a mere $30 more.

So, we are pretty happy tv watchers now. Not that we watch it much, but hopefully I can catch a few NCAA basketball tournament games (if they're on network tv). We are currently catching up on the tv show 'Justified' and about ready to start into the recently-free season 6.

The actual TV in our basement.