Friday, March 11, 2016

Dental exam

I had a regularly scheduled dentist appointment Thursday. I go twice a year for a cleaning and exam. Once again I had no cavities or issues. They did take x-rays on this visit (I think they must do that once a year?). I was happy to get my usual hygienist. It took about 45 minutes from when I arrived to when I was leaving.

I was actually going to cancel this visit, since we no longer have dental coverage with our insurance (or vision). However I got a reminder call yesterday, and it was within the 24-hour cancellation period. I figured I would have to pay for it anyway, so I went ahead and kept it.

Without insurance, and with the x-ray, it cost a total of $178. For some odd reason there was a $3 credit. I don't know if that was already there, and it was supposed to be $182, or if that was from something else. Who knows. It is a hunk of change regardless. The periodic oral evaluation was $43; the cleaning (prophylaxis) was $80; and the "Bitewings-four films" was $55 (this must be the x-ray). So even without the x-ray it seems like a lot of money.

I went ahead and made my 6-month appointment, but I gave myself a reminder in my phone a month and also a week in advance so I can cancel it depending on how things are going at that time.

There was one little "hiccup" during the exam. After the hygienist applied my minty polish, and during the last rinsing, some of the water kind of got hung up in a weird spot in my throat and I spit it up all over myself. Fortunately most of it went on the bib. It was a little embarrassing though. Otherwise... a good enough visit.