Thursday, March 10, 2016

Internet fix

Our internet went out Tuesday. I was doing my usual morning routine of reading the news and whatnot, and all of a sudden new pages would not open. I followed protocol on the computer, and then reset the router, checked everything else I could think of... and it just wouldn't work. The "internet" light on the router was amber.

Poor Jane had the misfortune of having to call Frontier and spent TWO HOURS on the phone with two different people trying to get it resolved. After repeating herself several times and struggling to understand the customer service reps, they finally told her they would have to send a repairman to our house the next day - sometime between 8 am and 5 pm.

Fortunately Jane was home, and the repairman actually came fairly in the morning. I guess he was quite baffled, and apparently it wasn't just our house but several people in our area were without. He finally got it working, and he and Jane discovered that he was actually a neighbor of Drew Carrie (Baxter) - our grandkids play with his kids all the time. Small world.

So, that was our internet issue. We actually survived a day and a night without it. I do have to say, even though I've heard horror stories from people regarding almost all internet providers, we've always been pretty fortunate with ours (so far).