Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Discovery bs questions

I have written about the Discovery Bible Study method before. I really like the simplicity of the format, with the added benefit that it is easily adaptable to any situation or group of people (the words and specific questions aren't important). I recently watched a video of an acquaintance who is using this to develop disciples in the Boston area (and beyond), as well as teaching others how to do it. Hopefully I will be attending a training session with him this summer. Here are some of the questions he suggested in this most recent video:

CONNECT: (introductory questions as you begin the gathering)
  • What are you thankful for?
  • How did God show up in your life this week?
  • Were there any lessons from last time that you applied this week or shared with someone else?
  • How did you help someone else this past week?
DISCOVER: (Read the Scripture decided on for the night)
  • What does this passage say?
  • What does this passage mean? 
    • What does this teach us about God?
    • What does this teach us about humanity?
    • What does this teach us about the relationship between God and humanity?
  • If this is God speaking, what will you DO in response?
MULTIPLY (or Application, or Response):
  • Who outside of our group would benefit from hearing what we have learned from this text?
  • How can we share with them?
  • How can we show kindness to someone else this week (people of peace)?
*People of peace are those people among whom we live, work, and play who show an openness to us.


Tom has been experimenting with some different questions in his groups, and I like several of his questions too. Again, that's the beauty of this method. Somewhere I have a list of suggested passages to study using this process. I need to find it, and add to it. I think this is a really practical and valuable way to not only study the Bible with others, but show people that they, too, can do this with people they know.

For more information on the Discovery Bible Study method you can follow the links to, and through, this previous post of mine.