Sunday, March 06, 2016

Saved by the singer

Just a random reflection from a Sunday morning worship gathering.

I really hate that we sometimes attend corporate worship gatherings with a less than acceptable attitude. You know, the cynical rolling of eyes, bad thoughts about innocent people, and the sneer of indifference. I hate it because I used to LOVE any kind of corporate gathering for worship, plus it is nothing short of arrogant self-righteousness. It has probably grown from a jealous insecurity in an attempt to protect ourselves from the truth of walking the wrong direction.

Anyway, we have been trying to remind each other to seek God on Sunday mornings BEFORE we gather with others, in hopes that we can intentionally resist the devil and submit to God. I'm glad that we can at least acknowledge our sin, and recognize that it is presently beyond us to will ourselves into right relationship.

So, this morning we did our reminding before we headed into the building southeast of New Haven. We were actually a little early; we saw some people from our small group; and a co-worker was even there who has recently started attending. However, as the music started... ugh... it got the best of me. It was loud and obnoxious, the "jumping couple" were in my line of vision (they literally jump up and down while they're singing, and it drives me nuts); and people were bouncing around like they were at a Taylor Swift show. For some reason I just could not look away though. So I closed my eyes and prayed. Then I pulled out my phone and opened One Note and read through the prayer I posted last week. Then a strange thing happened.

During the second song there was this guy behind us who was singing VERY loud. I don't even know if it was that he is that good of a singer, but there was just some kind of ... authority ... in his voice. Innocence. Purity. I could hear him above everyone else. It was almost like the booming roar of an angel driving words and notes into my soul. Fortunately I knew this song well enough that I could sing along with my eyes closed, and I felt my heart change. Suddenly the distractions were gone and my head lifted, my voice raised, and it was literally like being transported to a different time and place.

So, I'm not sure what all to make of it just now, but I am glad this gentleman was seated near us. I'm glad he was filled with the Spirit and his voice shook my soul awake. I believe whatever happened - whether it was because of him or through him - it literally saved me from myself on this day. It was nice, and we sang.