Friday, April 29, 2016

Caleb turns 2

Today is grandson Caleb's 2nd birthday. And he has totally embraced the attitude that goes with it. :)

These two pictures capture his personality pretty well. In the top photo he shows his spunk and all around love for life. In the bottom photo he displays the stubborn streak that will hopefully keep him from going along with the crowd for a long time. He can be both the sweetest, cutest kid in the room, as well as the holiest of terrors. All in all he has always been good at playing by himself and standing up for himself. He really is a good kid, and as usual with the youngest of three (I think) seems mature for his age. He's a fun person.

He is all boy and loves playing with cars, trucks, drums, or anything that makes noise, and he loves to play outside. He also does his best to keep up with his older two siblings. I look forward to seeing the kind of youth and man he turns into.

There was a small party for him last Saturday, and we are keeping all three kids overnight tomorrow, so I'm sure we will do some more celebrating.