Monday, April 25, 2016

Out on the weekend

We enjoyed a nice weekend after what seemed like a rather long week.

On Saturday we celebrated grandson Caleb's 2nd birthday - even though the actual day isn't until Friday. There was a small party at Drew Carrie's and the kids seemed to have fun. Poor Caleb didn't understand that he was the one who was supposed to open the presents. He kept trying to give them to other people. We just got him a book that makes truck noises and a little car to play with. He seemed pretty happy.

After the party we headed directly to Takaoka to have Japanese food with a group of friends. Once again we managed to fill out a table with 8 of us. Mike, Greg, Dave, Joni, Jeremy, Lisa, Jane and myself. It was fun as usual, and Jane didn't even get sick this time.

Sunday we decided to re-try C2G for church again. We've recently decided to open back up the church search again. We will probably always hold a spot at Grace as long as the grandkids are there, but we've been debating between a couple others. C2G "feels" really good to us. Their service is almost identical to the services I used to plan, plus they serve communion every week. Which is totally weird, because I was never very into communion before, but now it just seems very right to have that be sort of the culmination of things. It would be nice if we knew some people there, but I like the liturgy - group confession of sin and praying the Lord's prayer - and it's a crowd that seems a little more like us. I dunno. We'll see. It was a nice morning though.

We went to lunch with the Feipel 5 at Munchies, and then we headed home. We actually got quite a bit done around the house Sunday afternoon. Jane painted our patio furniture. It used to be green, and she spray painted it black. We also put a round table top where the in-ground grill used to be. Jane painted the "stem" bright green, the table top purple, and put a dab of yellow in the center to make it like a flower. I started on another children's picnic table, as well as a wine rack. Oh, and I also mowed the lawn.

It seems like we did some other things, but all in all it was a nice weekend. So, that's about all there is today.