Friday, May 20, 2016

First tincaps game of the year

We went to a Fort Wayne Tincaps game last night. It was our first one of the summer. The Tincaps are the local Class A professional baseball team - I believe they are affiliated with the San Diego Padres (or they used to be. I don't really know, or care).

We take in more than several games a year. It's a nice way to enjoy being outside, do some people-watching, and we usually get a little exercise by strolling the concourse several times.

It occurred to me last night, though, that often times people will hear us talk about how much we enjoy these games, and they perhaps think it's because of the 'game.' Not that there's anything wrong with the baseball team, or baseball in general, but our enjoyment has very very little to do with the actual game. Most of the time we have no idea who is wins or loses.

For us, or at least me, the enjoyment is just what I said earlier: we like being outside among people, and maybe even more than that, being together. I actually like crowds. Not that I want to be 'crowded' - I need my personal space - but for some odd reason I like being in crowded arenas, sports and/or music venues, and, yes, even church. Although it makes a difference if I am with my bride or not.

So, I guess that's really all there is to say about that.

We arrived last night just as they were singing the national anthem. We were going to buy lawn seats ($5) but they were sold out, so we had to buy the $8 tickets. We don't usually actually sit in seats when it's just the two of us. We each had 2 tacos for supper, and 2 beers over the course of a couple hours. I think it was the 5th inning when we'd had our fill and left.

As for parking... what with all the new construction downtown, we actually parked at the Y where Jane works. It was a bit longer of a walk than we thought, but it was a nice night and we didn't mind. It was also free.