Monday, May 23, 2016

Preschool graduate and babysitting

Our oldest grandchild graduated from preschool this past Friday. I can't believe it. I can actually remember her mother's preschool graduation like it was yesterday. Oh my.

Anna attended preschool at Avalon Missionary Church. It is basically right across the highway from us (more or less). Grandma bought her a pretty new yellow dress, and of course she looked adorable.

They had a nice little ceremony for the kids. Each separate class came out and did a song and bible verse, then all the classes did several songs together. As they gave each child their "diploma" they told what they wanted to be when they grew up. Anna said she wanted to be a doctor - though Carrie says she really wants to be an animal doctor. Either is a very noble profession. :)

As usual, Anna started out very shy, with her hand in her mouth and totally not following along. Eventually she felt comfortable enough to slowly begin participating, and by the end she was singing along and doing all the motions like a trooper. I actually kind of like that she does things in her own way. Hopefully that means no one will ever be able to talk her into following the crowd to do anything she doesn't want to do.

We were very proud of her, but also the boys too. Benny mostly played, but was very good sitting in the seats. Little Caleb, once he saw Anna, he was beaming with joy. He intently watch for awhile, but he also tried singing along and doing the motions. It was a hoot.

The ceremony was an appropriate length at just under an hour. We went out separate ways afterward, but then we babysat the kids overnight on Saturday. I had to work the SW facility from 9-3, so Jane had all three kids by herself most of the day. She took them to the zoo, and that wore them all down some (especially grandma). That night we rode bikes, played outside, cooked hot dogs on the grill, and made smores. Everyone stayed up late, but we all slept really good that night.

We feel very lucky to have the grandkids so close by. Having a preschool graduate seems like quite a milestone. Time is flying too fast.
Getting her diploma.

Benny being... Benny.

Caleb taking it all in.