Wednesday, May 04, 2016

Overlooking prophets as persons of peace

[I wrote this awhile ago, and I'm over it. Still, thought I'd share.]
I spent yesterday listening to people discuss the prospect of creating a disciple-making culture using 3dm methods and materials. I actually woke up this morning with this burning question on my mind: In the realm of church/kingdom where we recognize people's gifting as Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Shepherds, and Teachers (APEST)... and where we also rely highly on the idea of "persons of peace"... is it possible that those who lean most heavily toward the prophetic can often be overlooked as persons of peace?

Prophets have a penchant for speaking hard truths and calling people to repentance. As such, they are often not viewed as the most desirable of sorts to be around. In fact, there are some who have an outright disdain for those of us who feel so "called" (as prophets).

So, my question stems from feeling neglected as a potential person of peace to be discipled. It is my understanding that in a 3dm culture (for lack of a better way to describe it), that a person feels drawn to "huddle" (or disciple) those seen as "persons of peace." These are people you feel God calling you to disciple, but part of that also usually falls into the human categories of: you like them, you feel comfortable being around them, you have a desire to pour your life into them. As someone who believes I fit into the prophetic, I often feel like most people don't view me as likeable, comfortable, or worth pouring their life into.

I also struggle with feeling a bit rejected as a huddle participant. My wife and I have come right out and asked to be huddled before, and yet no one has ever asked us. So I guess I'm wondering if if it's just me/us (though I can't imagine it's my wife because everyone likes her), or if those who exercise their prophetic gifting are often overlooked by others as being potential persons of peace due to who they are??

Personally, I guess I am starting to question relying too heavily on either the APEST/Five-fold ministry idea, or the 'person of peace' thing (depending on who's definition of it you use). I'm just not sure the Holy Spirit really packages things all that neatly. Or, maybe it's just me that's not put together that way. I dunno. It's frustrating.