Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Why I'm not voting

I'm tempted to say, "Vote? Why on earth would I vote? And who would I vote for?" While I honestly do feel that way, it's actually much more than that too.

I know there are people who don't agree, and plenty more who don't care, but I do not intend to vote in today's primary or the upcoming general election, and here is why: Because I refuse to give in to fear.

I am not going to vote for or against a candidate because I fear what might happen if they do or do not get elected. I am not going to vote just so I can then complain (regardless of who gets elected). I am not going to vote out of fear I will lose respect because I haven't done my "civic duty." I am not going to vote out of fear of losing some kind of imaginary control of the country; or fear of losing my rights; or fear of immigrants; or terrorists; or guns; or abortions; or... anything.

In my mind I don't see it as 'abstaining' from voting, but more that I am intentionally and purposely choosing to place my faith elsewhere. I/We will be fine regardless of what person or political party wins. The people making and upholding the laws of this land do not determine my morals, ethics, or livelihood. I actually do have great respect for people who take civic matters seriously. I will not, however, be manipulated by fear tactics. I'm also not confident that many who do vote actually take civic matters all that seriously. So, at least for this year, I am opting to place my faith solely in God, and I'm willing to live with the consequences.

I am not suggesting this for anyone else - you can do what you like and it won't matter to me one way or the other. This is just what I am choosing to do with my own self, and for my own peace of mind. God will still reign supreme. My life will still go on. Yours will too. I couldn't care less about who wins the election at this point.

So... good luck, God bless, and carry on.