Thursday, June 30, 2016

Cancelled the old church email

I finally got around to cancelling the old email address I had when I was pastoring. I set it up in August of 1999, just after I was hired at the church.

I remember when I was asked to leave the church, the board wanted me to turn the address over to them. I didn't even consider it. For one thing, it had been my personal email for more than 14 years and there were things I didn't really want to part with. For another thing, though, since they refused to speak to us or cooperate in any way, I was like "SCREW YOU, you can get your own stinking email address."

Anyway, I kept it for the past 3 years partly because it had been a personal email, and partly because I felt the need to hang on to some old messages. Even as I was considering getting rid of it this week I thought about whether I should look back through the archives and print off some old memories - both the good and the bad. I finally just decided enough was enough though. I'm ready to put that entire period to rest. Which is sad, because there were some good things that happened there. But, life goes on.