Wednesday, June 08, 2016

Random #826

I haven't had much time to prepare a lot of posts, so I'm kind of starting from scratch here. Not that it will be that noticeable. I've hit another one of those spots where I don't really have all that much to say.

So... here's some random stuff:
  • It was nice being on vacation for a week and not even thinking about work at all. Even when the person covering for me called me a couple times, it didn't phase me. This is quite a switch from the years I spent in church leadership where my work seemed to never leave my mind. And, of course, those years when we lived in the parsonage right next to the church building, when I would return home and immediately be forced right back into the thick of it (so to speak).
  • It has been a bit odd since returning from vacation though. I worked one day at the facility I manage, and it was really busy. Since then I have been working at the Downtown facility for two days. I'm covering for that manager who is on vacation. I will go back to my facility for one day, then on Friday is the company golf outing. So I have a feeling there is much catching up that will need done at my facility, but... whatever.
  • I kind of like the Downtown facility. It is all indoors - it's a former Kroger grocery store. It is also right downtown at a somewhat major intersection, so there is plenty to see out the front wall of windows. It also has a really big office. The downside is it's a lot slower than my facility. It doesn't have as many units (just over 500), and the clientele is a little... shall we say... "rougher." But it's only 10 minutes from my house, instead of half an hour. I could deal with it on a regular basis, though I wouldn't make as much bonus money.
  • We finally got a construction quote on our basement. We've decided on a company to do both the walls and the carpet. Jane picked out the carpet yesterday and now we're just trying to decide on wainscoting for the living room. Jane has already repainted the rec room, and now she is painting over the wallpaper in the living room. I think we're going to go ahead and have the stairs and the upstairs hallway re-carpeted while we're at it. I think it will be pretty nice when it's all done. Mostly I'll be glad to get the stuff out of the garage so I can put my car in there again.
  • Since we've been church "roaming" we've stopped going to the small group we used to be in at the big church (or was it a missional community?). Interestingly enough, not one person has contacted us in the 2 months since we've been gone. Not that we really wanted anyone to but... isn't that kind of what a small group is for? Whatever.
  • We haven't really decided on a church yet. We like the one we've been attending on Sundays (C2G). The pastor gives really good messages, and the feel of the place - or maybe the energy of the people - is very comfortable to us. Even though we don't know a soul, and no one really talks to us, we kind of strangely feel a warmth there. I dunno. It's odd. We may yet give another one a shot. We're kind of wandering.
  • After reading a couple Steinbeck books on vacation I thought I might re-read Don Quixote, but as yet I haven't started anything. Well, other than, yesterday I started in the "Learning From Jesus: A Spiritual Formation Guide" from the people at Renovare. I've done two other workbooks in this series. I like to take these really slow. Yesterday I just read all the intro material. It looks good.
Well, that's about enough for now, I would guess. I'll try to think of some other things to write about, but if nothing appears for awhile... well, I guess nothing will appear for awhile.

Peace out; and in.