Thursday, July 21, 2016

Beer and hymns

I'm not sure how I have never heard of the 'Beer & Hymns'... thing? I can't say that I know very much about it just yet, but it sounds interesting.

I have written before about the 'Beer Study & Bible Tasting' I've often thought about trying to organize. This seems to go in a slightly different direction, but, honest to God, I have actually considered posting something on Facebook for about the last year asking if anyone had a bunch of old hymnals they wanted to unload. While I wasn't necessarily thinking about this, it does seem a little coincidental.

I first heard about 'Beer & Hymns' just yesterday from a post Andrew Jones shared on Facebook. So I started investigating a little. Here are just a few resources I've found so far:
 I even found a link to a beer & hymns meeting at the Trion in New Haven, IN in 2015. Apparently it was conducted by someone from another city who was visiting for a conference of some sort.

I have to admit, I do like singing the old hymns. I also like beer (though I'm starting to get burned out on it; fortunately you don't HAVE to drink at these events). Most of the gatherings simply consist of getting together at a bar, and singing old hymns. Apparently this is part of the Christian tradition from around the time electricity was being introduced.

So..... I dunno. Something to think about.