Friday, July 29, 2016

I'm being sued

You know how people are fond of saying, "So sue me"? Well, I am actually being sued!! And I didn't even do anything!

If you remember back in early July I wrote about being tired. There was an issue at work that really didn't have anything to do with me, but since I was the one there, I kind of had to deal with it. So I guess, technically, I am being sued for showing up at work the day after 4th of July, and trying to be a nice guy.

Today I received a 10-page subpoena naming me, along with 2 coworkers, as defendants in a civil lawsuit and they are demanding a jury trial. Not to mention all the evidence I am supposed to provide in the form of records and video surveillance and whatnot. Interesting too is the fact that of the 3 of us being sued, one is an ordained pastor (me), one a youth pastor, and one has spent his entire career teaching special needs kids.

I do understand that this person was upset, but this is just a bit ridiculous in my opinion. Anyway, I can't imagine anything is going to come of it, but stranger things have happened. It's probably just going to cost me a boatload of stress and extra work. Such is life.