Monday, August 15, 2016

Babysitting (extended)

We have had the three grandkids for a long weekend while Drew Carrie took four days to visit Isaac & Ricci in Atlanta. It was a short vacation for them, and I imagine the grandkids think it was a bit of a vacation for them to get to stay at grandma's house.

Drew Carrie dropped A, B & C off Friday morning and flew from FW to Atlanta (via Chicago). They are scheduled to be back later tonight. So this is the longest we have had all three kids. Actually, it's probably the longest we've had any of them. It's also the longest Carrie has been away from her babies. Fortunately they were able to Facetime both Saturday and Sunday.

The kids have been fantastic the whole time. They've slept all through the night every night, and have even gone to bed fairly early considering they were at our house (around 9:30-ish). Last night (Sunday) was the only time we had any issues. We'd had a long day and I think they were just squirrelly after their bath. The boys just did not want to settle down. So I finally had to plop Caleb in one chair and Bennett in another. Fortunately that's as bad as it got the entire weekend.

Grandma Jane has, of course, taken the brunt of responsibility - taking off work both Friday and Monday. Saturday we played outside quite a bit, as well as going to the playground at Jefferson Pointe. Sunday we took them to our church for the first time. The boys went right in the nursery just fine, but Anna takes a little longer to warm up, so she stayed with us during the service. We went straight from church to the open house at Anna's school. They had a cookout and we dropped off her school supplies in her room. She found her seat and we got to meet her teacher. I can't believe she will be in kindergarten. It seemed like a really nice school, and we liked her teacher. After that we then went to the zoo. Jane had taken them there Friday, but the horses weren't out. So we looked at a few things, then Anna and Bennett rode ponies. Anna picked the very biggest one they had and she rode by herself. We think this may have been Bennett's first time, and he got on a spunky little medium-sized pony. Jane walked along with him, but he did great. I tried putting Caleb on a teeny pony but he would have none of it. Anna also got me to touch a Stingray. It was pretty gross, but kinda neat too.

This morning they were all out riding bikes in their pajamas when I left for work. Jane eventually took them to the downtown library to play, then they came to my office and we ate lunch. They ran around and around and around the climate controlled building attached to my office. I think that wore them down pretty good. The plan was then for her to take them back to the JP play area, but I'm not sure if they had the energy left or not.

Tonight we will go back to the Feipel house after supper so they can get ready for bed there. Anna has her first day of kindergarten tomorrow, so hopefully her mom and dad will make it in on time.

It was a little tiring for us old folks at times, but honestly the four days went better than we imagined. We may need to take a stay-cation next weekend to recover though. :)

They each made their own pizza pie.