Wednesday, August 03, 2016

Doubled up on twin beds

We made a somewhat spur-of-the-moment decision last night and bought a 2nd twin mattress and box springs. We've had one set up for Anna in what we consider her room. There is another frame that goes with it - and actually makes bunk beds - that we've had stored in the basement. So now we can actually set up two twin beds, or bunk them on top of each other.

However, the reason we got the new mattress and box spring was because we're having company this weekend. They are both rather tall people, and we were afraid the double bed we have in the guest room would be a rather tight squeeze for the two of them together. So the plan is to put the two twin mattresses together, almost like a king size bed. Then we can put the double bed in Anna's room, and when all three kids stay, she will have the double bed, and the boys can each have a twin in their room.

We had actually looked at mattresses one day last week, but then decided to check out the Mattress Man on our side of town. Jane stopped in and they have some really good deals, and they're super helpful. So when I got home from work yesterday we drove over and bought it. It was around $150 total, and we got a free $30 pillow. Of course, when we got home we realized we got the wrong type of mattress. We got foam instead of spring, so it didn't match up very good with the spring mattress we already had. They said it would be no problem to take it back and exchange it.

So, that's what's happening on the mattress front at our house.