Sunday, August 28, 2016

Saturday stuff...

Following up on the 'five things friday,' this is just a random "Day in the Life" look at how we spent a Saturday during this season of our lives. Yes, we have it fairly easy right now, I know. We were also tempted to make this day look much different by things we felt "needed" done. However, the reality is many of those things are really necessary, and we felt that since it was a fairly nice day, and we actually could spend our time this way, then we did. So this is a glimpse at yesterday's schedule:
  • We slept in and woke up naturally around... I don't even remember what time. Maybe 8-ish.
  • We had breakfast and checked social media and let ourselves ease into the day.
  • We went down to Headwaters Park and met Carrie and visited the 'health fair' thing going on. There were people doing crossfit and a 'Ninja Warrior' setup. Drew eventually brought the grandkids down and we played with them for awhile.
  • Around noon we headed over the the 'Taste of the Arts' festival that was going on a cross several blocks of the downtown area. There were vendors set up, several bands playing, and lots of people. Just a block or two over was the weekly 'Farmers Market' downtown. We walked through there and grabbed some lunch. We visited with a couple nice older ladies who asked to share our standing table with us. It started raining at one point and we just took shelter under a tree for awhile until it stopped. We eventually headed back home.
  • We took a nap in the basement for a couple hours.
  • I then mowed the yard - which was a little overdue. The grass is really green and growing nicely right now. Weird for the end of August.
  • Following that we took a run together. We ran down Lower Huntington and got on the Rivergreenway. We jogged 5 miles and cooled down with a 1.25 mile walk home. This was probably not the smartest time of day to do this (4:30-5-ish), but we survived.
  • We both took showers, and then headed to the downtown library for our usual summer Saturday serving of 'Rock the Plaza.' They are free concerts on the library lawn every Saturday from 6-10 pm. There is a local restaurant that pulls a beer truck and grill on site and serves what we consider THE BEST cheeseburgers anywhere. They are inexpensive too. That is almost always our Saturday supper - just a plain hamburger or cheeseburger. They don't need anything on them. So, we take our lawn chairs and simply sit and listen to the four bands and do a lot of people-watching. Last night was perfect weather-wise. We also see several of the homeless we serve food to on Wednesday nights. A lot of times the minor league baseball game (a block over) will be getting over done about the time this is ending, and they have incredible fireworks that we can see from our spot on the lawn. The game went long last night, so we headed home at 10.
  • We got home and watched a couple episodes of Seinfeld on TV, and then went to bed.
I really do love living in a small city with lots to do. I think Fort Wayne is fantastic. It is also a very nice time of life for us. We actually commented as we were running yesterday evening how we never would have imagined when we were younger that when we were in our mid-50's we would be taking a 5-mile run along the river in Fort Wayne, Indiana. So, yes, life is actually pretty good right now. This morning we again woke up naturally, have eased into the day, and we will head to church around 10:15 or so. I am feeling grateful and blessed right now.