Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Tuesday trinkets

In keeping with the "day names" - since I can't seem to put together any worthwhile thoughts at any given time - here are a few trinkets of thought from today.
  • I had actually prepared, and started earlier this morning, to write a post entitled, "How Insecure Do You Have To Be To Be Upset About Colin Kaepernick?" I mean, he's a football player; there have been plenty of people - and even entire teams - who have opted to not stand for the national anthem. But then I realized it was pretty immature and insecure of me for allowing myself to get upset about the people who are upset. So I am just letting it go. Whatever.
  • I actually think things like this are a result of social media enabling the mob mentality crisis at work today. Everyone feels they are just as entitled to their opinion as anyone else, and we all think our opinion is therefore just as valid as anyone's. That's how someone like Donald Trump is able to gain the popularity he has. My opinion is that, unfortunately, while every is equally important, I don't believe everyone's opinion should be equally valid. But, that's for another time. 
  • In other eventful news, I received my certified letter today demanding I appear in court September 12th as part of the lawsuit I've been named in. Man...... I can do nothing but shake my head. Whatever.
  • The current stack of books sitting on my desk at work are: 'Learning From Jesus: A Spiritual Formation Guide' (still working through it); 'Day by Day: The Notre Dame Prayerbook for Students'; 'Historic Creeds' (a journal by Kenneth Boa); and 'Common Prayer: A Liturgy For Ordinary Radicals.' So.... none of them are really "books," per se. I guess I do have 'Don Quixote' in my car (along with a back seat full of other random books). My reading is similar to my writing right now. I just can't seem to get into anything. I'm always being interrupted, and I don't have much control over my time. It's a bit frustrating, but it is what it is.
Well, that's probably enough for now. Kind of a blah day. Not feeling too motivated or excited about anything, but also not terribly down about anything either. Meh.