Thursday, September 01, 2016


So I've been thinking about my life lately. A week or so ago someone mentioned the WWJD phase that ran through the Christian world. You know, what-would-jesus-do. There were handy little bracelets and stickers and all sorts of marketing reminders. Actually, I thought it was a great way to get people to think about following Jesus in their daily life.

However, I remember reading or hearing somewhere while I was still in seminary - in the mid to late 90's - that rather than asking what Jesus would do, it might be more helpful to ask: what would Jesus have ME do? The idea being, since we are not Jesus, and we have all been uniquely gifted, rather than trying to discern what Jesus himself would do, let's think about what he would want ME to do in various situations and seasons of life.

I like that, and that was my application from our weekly Bible Study on Monday night. I had, of course, kind of forgotten about it until this morning, but I suppose it's never too late. At any rate, I want to try to keep that at the forefront of my mind: how does Jesus want me to respond to people; how does he want me to think about things; how does he want me to view things; how does he want me to interact in different situations; how does he want me to do my job; where does he want me to go; what does he want me to do? And the list could go on to infinity......

So, that's my goal today. I just got back from a walk, and I was trying to think about how Jesus wants me to perceive myself, even. I find it an interesting thought, and something I could use much of.

What would Jesus have YOU do?