Wednesday, September 07, 2016

Benny starts preschool

Benny's first day of preschool 9/7/16

The middle grandchild started preschool today. Oh my. I can't believe how Bennett has grown. Carrie said he was very excited to be starting "school" and went to his first day without a hitch. He is attending the same one Anna attended.

Currently he likes to be called Benny or Bennett, but no longer just B. He is a super-easygoing kid who laughs easy and likes to have fun. He can also be very serious about his cars and building towers. He's always been good about playing by himself, and he and Caleb play really well together. So I don't anticipate school being much of an issue for him. Caleb, on the other hand, did not handle things so well this morning - as you can see from the picture below. Poor kid. I'm sure he will adjust soon enough.

Bennett and Caleb 9/7/16

Just for kicks I looked back and wondered how Anna's first day of preschool picture compared. I'm surprised how much taller Bennett is, because Anna seems to be so tall now. They are both pretty darn cute in my opinion.

Anna's 1st day of preschool 9/3/14