Monday, October 17, 2016

Benny's b-day bash and a parental visit

We celebrated grandson Benny's 4th birthday with a party held at our house this past Saturday. My parents made the drive out here for it, and according to my mom this will likely be the last time, until.... you know. Anyway, it was a good party, and a nice weekend all around.

My parents arrived shortly after we both got home from work Friday night. It takes them around 7 hours to get here (it takes us about 4 1/2). The Feipel's joined us and we got chicken from Krogers for supper. Saturday we hung around the house and made preparations for the party. It started around 2 pm. Drew's dad brought his grandma Esther, Drew's mom and grandma Tommy were also there, along with all of us, Drew's cousin Sam and her kids and husband, Kate and son, and Andy and his son (from DC's small group). It wasn't a large gathering, but big enough. Fortunately it was a beautiful day so the kids mostly played outside or in the basement.

The party broke up around 5-ish. After that Jane, Carrie and my mom went to a 'Ladies Night Out' at our church. The men host and serve a nice meal for the women. They also had a guest speaker and music. Jane said it was very nice. I was unable to help (and therefore didn't get to wear a pink "tuxedo" t-shirt) since I had to stay home and watch my dad. Anna also stayed with us. Drew took the boys and went home. Anna was super good and other than playing Connect 4 with me, she spent most of her time playing with the caterpillar she captured that day.

Sunday we took my parents to our church with us, as well as Anna who ended up spending the night with us. After church the Feipels came over and we had leftovers for lunch, then my parents drove back home.

That was about the extent of it.