Thursday, October 13, 2016

Fall aeration and overseed

With an interesting twist of irony I FINALLY got around to calling Spring-Green today to see if they were planning to do my aeration and overseeding. I believe I've written previously about paying for it earlier this spring, but that they'd not yet done it. I was worried maybe they would forget. So, after a couple months of procrastinating, I called at 11:44 am today and asked about it. The nice lady on the phone said, "Well, this is interesting, actually Paul is scheduled to do that for you today." The receipt says he was here at 10:54 am - so it was just before I'd called! How's that for coincidence? :)

So, for the first time ever, we have had our lawn aerated and overseeded. If I can manage it correctly, this should be what really puts it over the top. Ever since we've lived here I've wished the grass were a little thicker.

The note left in our door says:
"Today we core aerated & overseeded your lawn with Kentucky blue and rye turf blend. Be sure to water sufficiently to keep the soil surface moist. Continue to mow lawn slightly shorter to allow faster establishment for the new seeding and quicker fill of the thin areas..."

They also left a card on caring for a newly seeded lawn:
"Proper watering is the key to achieving good success with your seeding. The areas need to be kept moist, but not soggy. Depending upon the weather and location of the seeded area, this may require daily watering of 20-30 minutes per area. Less water is needed in shady areas or if your lawn receives rain fall. Continue daily watering for two weeks after the seeding is completed.

Continue mowing the areas as well. Mow at 2 1/2 inches throughout the growing season. Even when the new grass begins to germinate, it is important that it receives adequate sunlight. Allowing the established grass to grow too high will block out the sun and inhibit the growth of the new seed.

New seed also needs fertilizer to help it become better established. Continue on your regular fertilization program to ensure the new seed properly develops."

So, there ya go. I guess I need to dig out the hose and sprinkler. I've never been very good about watering the lawn. I should probably take this a little more serious.