Monday, October 31, 2016

Sink faucet, sitter, and... mowing

It was a productive Saturday around our house this past weekend. For starters, if you've ever used our sink, do you notice anything different about the faucet on the kitchen sink??? Yes, I finally got around to fixing the leak.

I feel like an idiot for procrastinating so long when it was such an easy fix. I watched this Youtube video, went to Menards and got the faucet repair kits for 10 bucks, and in less than 15 minutes had it fixed. It was just a matter of replacing the springs and seals under the handle and with a little added plumbers grease it is like a brand new faucet now.

We also watched the kids overnight this weekend. Drew's band was playing a costume party Friday night at Deer Park, so we had the kids Friday night and half the day Saturday. Poor little Caleb was sick as a dog Friday night. His nose was running and he was burning with fever. Once he fell asleep though, he slept through the night, and he was like a new person on Saturday. Saturday was a gorgeous fall day and we spent most of it playing outside on the swings, riding bikes, and playing in the dirt pile. Bennett then started to get a runny nose, but they played hard until we went back to their house around 1:30 pm.

Jane, Carrie and Anna went shopping at the Urban Hippy and I stayed at Drew Carrie's with the boys until Drew got home from work around 2:30. We all vegged in front of the TV, sleeping with our eyes open, and then I left once their dad was home.

I doubt that it will be the last time this year (maybe 1 or 2 more times), but I then mowed the lawn Saturday evening. I wasn't going to, but I'm glad I did, because it then rained most of the day Sunday. I lowered the deck one notch the last time I mowed, since you're supposed to mow it shorter after the over-seeding; plus I usually mow it shorter in the fall anyway so the leaves won't get caught up in long grass.

Speaking of leaves, they are just starting to fall in our neighborhood, making it the most peaceful time of year for me. I like fall in the midwest.

Sunday was a fun day at church for us too. Carrie and Anna came with us to C2G (Drew and Benny weren't feeling well). Our church was having a chili contest for lunch, then they had a trunk or treat thing after that. Since it rained they held all the activities inside the building - including the bounce house! Drew brought the boys for the after-church activities, and we were all there until probably around 2 or so. It was pretty fun. The kids had a blast in the bounce house.

Carrie & Anna at our church.
The boys and a random girl dressed in similar costume.

So, all in all, it was a pretty fun and eventful weekend. Now it's back to the grind of a work week. Although, I guess today is Halloween. Maybe I'll pretend to like my job. :)