Tuesday, November 01, 2016

Foolish wisdom

"There is more hope for fools
than for people who think they are wise."

These words from Proverbs 26:12 (NLT) have been stuck in my brain for a few weeks now. I first ran across them - well, most recently - during my morning devotional reading several weeks ago. They really jumped out at me that day, and for some reason I keep coming back to them.

I would like to think it has to do with all the political rhetoric being strewn about online and basically everywhere else words can sneak in. I can no longer tolerate the radio or television due to the political ads, and Facebook isn't much fun. Unfortunately I doubt that it's going to subside even once this next presidential election is over. Like I said, I hope this is why it's stuck in my head.

But what if it's not? Without doing a proper word study of any sort, I think it's safe to say the writer is not saying foolishness is to be desired - especially above wisdom. I'm guessing it has the general meaning of fools who THINK they know everything; people who believe they have all the answers and are no longer open to other opinions or learning of any kind.

Again, I would like to think this doesn't include me. I prefer to see myself as humble and open and knowingly not a know-it-all. If only I could trust myself to really see myself for who I really am though....

At any rate, this is merely a meaningless ramble about this meme that's been on my mind. There seem to be a lot of people who are very sure of themselves right now. Many of us are set in our ways and even if we don't consider ourselves 'wise' we at least think we know right from wrong. At least I think that's the case. That's how I am.

So today I'm praying that God might open my mind and heart to HIS wisdom. I don't know if I even need to understand it or not. I guess what I'm talking about is a simple faith. Certainly the world is a complicated place, as is the mind, but may my hope and trust be simply placed in One. May I/we rest confidently in that.