Sunday, November 27, 2016

Slot cars

I've been thinking lately that I need some kind of hobby or "toy" to occupy my time (and mind). While doing some Christmas shopping for the grandkids I ended up in the aisle with all the different train sets. They looked pretty cool, but I've never really known much about trains, and that's also kind of Drew's thing. Then it dawned on me that I used to be really into the HO Slot Car tracks. So I decided to check it out online.

There is a nice website that is simply It is very informative and has what looks like just about everything one would need.

Another site I ran across has quite a bit too: The slot car section had some pretty good deals, and is worth keeping an eye on.

After doing some reading I have decided that if I do go this route, I definitely want to stick to the HO style cars and track rather than the 1:43 or other larger sizes. Tomy/AFX seems to be tops in the field, which is what I seem to remember I used to have some 40+ years ago.

So, we will see. This would have to be something mostly for the grandkids because I'm sure I would soon lose interest. It's also not a gift idea. I would want to research this some more because there are some particulars that would make a big difference. Basically I just needed a spot to keep track of this, and here it is.