Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Weekend in atlanta

Me and the dogs being 'energetic.'

We spent an extended weekend in Atlanta, GA this past weekend visiting Isaac and Ricci. We flew down on United and arrived Friday afternoon. We left Monday afternoon for home. It was a nice time.

The flights were all really good. We flew out of Fort Wayne and went through Chicago both going and coming. There was a little turbulence from FW to Chicago on the way, but basically none on any of the other flights. And we didn't even have to ride the train in Atlanta! We thought we were lost, but apparently the terminal we arrived in and departed from is just right by the entry/exit. It helped that, for some odd reason, we had pre-check status so we didn't have to take our shoes off or anything. We each took one bag (I took a briefcase and Jane a duffel bag) and it took less than 2 minutes to get through security. That was nice.

Isaac picked us up at the airport when we arrived. Ricci had her last day of school before Thanksgiving break, so she gave us a ride to the airport when we left. Isaac had to work that Monday.

Otherwise, we pretty much just lounged around their house the entire weekend. Friday night we went to a little bar and had pizza for supper then we returned to their house and watched the movie 'Captain Fantastic.' It was a really good movie.

Jane and I slept in the middle room on a blow-up mattress. It wasn't too bad. Unfortunately the furnace was out all weekend so it got a little chilly in their house. I think it was like 37f outside when we got up one day. We piled 4 blankets on top of us, so I actually slept really well all 3 nights. Once we got up in the morning we had to layer and sit with a blanket, but it usually warmed up to near 60 outside during the day.

Saturday we were going to visit the Jimmy Carter museum and library, but when we arrived there was a handwritten note on the door that it was temporarily closed. That was a bit odd. So we went to Revolution Doughnuts and chowed on some yeasty goodies. Saturday night we watched a couple other movies at Isaac and Ricci's and just nibbled on stuff around the house.

Sunday we found a sports bar to watch the Cowboys game and ate while their. Isaac is maybe a bigger Cowboys fan than me. I'm glad they won. We didn't do anything Sunday night either. We actually spent the entire time doing just what Jane and I hoped to do - spend time with Isaac and Ricci, as well as Cosby and Tig (the dogs). So we enjoyed just lazing around and chatting.

Isaac finally mentioned the book that his professor/boss just finished. He is her student assistant and she was very kind to give him props in the Acknowledgment section. We were, of course, bursting with pride and we're hoping a copy of our son's name in print my be a Christmas present. :)

Isaac's name in print! (next to the end of the key)

So, that's about all I can think of. I haven't been blogging much, and am likely forgetting many details of this trip. Seems I've been too busy lately but I have no idea at what. Work is just a drag and I haven't been real motivated aside from that either. Oh well. That's all for now.