Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Interview anniversary

Apparently it was three years ago yesterday that I interviewed for my current job. This is what showed up in my "On This Day" feed on Facebook:
December 13, 2013 at 6:08pm ·
What.A.Day. I kind of nonchalantly made up a resume and gave it out earlier in the week. I got called for an interview this morning. Before I even got back home they called and asked if I could come back this afternoon. Now they want to know when I can start work. I'm still trying to figure out what even happened. Not that I'm complainin', but the cat does not put this kind of pressure on me... Whew.

I didn't actually start working here until after the first of the year (my choice), and it's slightly ironic reading that now considering the current talk of putting in kiosks, but I was pretty excited at the time. And it was an exciting time. I'd been removed from my previous job and, even though I didn't really look for a job, I'd been without one for over half a year.

That summer had been a contrast of the best of times and worst of times for me. I thought I was on a sabbatical, and right when I was starting to feel good again (getting over pastoral burnout) I had the rug pulled out from under me when the church leadership asked me not to come back. So, when I said something to the son-in-law one day about where he worked, and he said they were actually looking for someone, it seemed like a good fit.

I still think it's a good job. I actually enjoy what I do. It's a nice mix of office work and manual labor; working alone and with the public. My biggest issues are dealing with authority I guess (or co-workers), and the resulting frustration that comes with it. I'm just too hard to please. Sometimes I think I shouldn't be allowed to interact with other human beings. I hate being so hard to get along with. Ugh.

But, all told, I'm glad this popped up on FB yesterday. It reminded me that despite all it's drawbacks, this was a good job for me at the time. Not that I'm looking forward to going in today with sub-zero windchills.....