Monday, January 23, 2017

Anna turns 6

Today is my oldest grandchild's birthday. The only granddaughter (so far) is now 6 years old. Oh my.

She is in kindergarten at St. Paul's Lutheran school, which is kitty-corner from where her mom works (Downtown Y). She goes to school all day five days a week. Just the other day we got a video text where she was READING A BOOK TO HER MOM! She has wanted to learn to read for some time, and I have a feeling she will be quite the little bookworm like her momma.

Anna also takes swimming lessons and I had the pleasure of watching that yesterday. She can just about swim the entire length of the pool by herself! It was fun to watch her instructor pushing her, and to see the determination on Anna's face. She would get pretty winded, but she kept right on going.

I believe the celebratory plans include going to Chik-fil-a tonight for a birthday dinner, because they have fruit (instead of fries), a slide, and chicken (according to Anna). Then on Saturday she is having a skating party. Our presence has been requested - in skates - so that should be interesting. :)

It's amazing to watch children grow and mature. She will always be my little sweetheart, and she's turning into such a sweet little girl too.