Friday, January 27, 2017

Buick serviced

I took my '02 Buick Century in for a routine service this morning. I went to Yeomans, which is where we always went when I was pastoring. They are super nice peoe and I trust their work. Anyway, I scheduled an appointment for 8 am so I would be able to leave for work at 9. While they were working on it I went over to Burger King at the Southgate Plaza and had breakfast.

They discovered that my license plate bulb is out and the serpentine belt is just about shot. So I scheduled it in again next Wednesday to have those things fixed. Looks like I will get Burger King next week too!

Btw, I wrote and posted this on my phone. Rarely do I ever do this. It's a bit tedious, plus I generally like to include a pic with each post and I've not yet mastered that on the phone.