Sunday, January 29, 2017

Roller skating for anna's birthday

We went roller skating yesterday - for the first time in probably 38 years or so for Jane and I. It was Anna's birthday party and she wanted us to skate so... what else were we to do. It was actually quite a blast!

It was held at the north roller dome (apparently the only one left in Fort Wayne). She invited several friends and some cousins, as well as grandparents. Not only did we skate, but she also had cake and ice cream!

I do have to say, the place was a ZOO yesterday. I had no idea what to expect when we arrived. Once we walked in it was like a total different world. It was loud, crowded, and a commotion of all ages. Otherwise it looked pretty much like the skating rinks I remembered from years gone by.

When Jane and I first got on the floor there was nothing we could do but laugh. Pretty soon it was just hysterical. We could not remember how to do it! We went down the one side and had to stop. I'm not sure if it was from laughing so hard or exasperation at not being able to figure it out. Finally we determined to go all the way around. We held the wall most of the way, and little by little it started to come back to us.

Eventually the grandkids wanted to skate. I'd never seen these holder things they have that are made out of pvc pipe. They were pretty slick. So we spent the next two hours taking turns watching one of the kids, making sure they didn't get wiped out by the crazies zooming around.

Jane only fell down once - right when she got on the floor. She had a couple close calls though. I think I fell down three or four times. At least I was able to laugh about it.

I also worked up quite a sweat. It was totally worth it though. I'm so glad we went. Here are some pics: