Monday, February 27, 2017

Goings on...

Well I guess it's been a week since I posted anything. My how time flies.

Lasted week started on another downer. I even had to borrow some Zanax at one point. I'd never taken it before but I just felt like I needed something, and I didn't really want it to result in a hangover. And it actually seemed to help. I slept the night through and the rest of the week seemed to go well.

One morning I met with our pastor. He had asked if I would assist him in teaching an online class. I agreed, but only after getting Jane to agree to assist me.

Son-in-law Drew got asked to sing with the worship team at church, which he did. Our church has a YouTube page I could link to but I'm on my phone. Maybe I will do it later.

I had my first auction online at work last week. I ended up only having 3 units but we seemed to bring in a lot more money online than onsite. I thought it went pretty well and hope we continue to do them that way.

The devil bastard kiosk was finally installed into the wall, and a canopy put over it. It has not yet been hooked into our system so it just sits there and looks stupid. There are a few more construction items to do, and hopefully somebody will figure out how it works, so I'm not holding my breath until it's functional.

Today is actually Lady Jane's birthday! We celebrated by going to the Japanese steakhouse with friends Saturday night. Then Sunday we went for lunch with another couple. And last night the Feipel five came over. Jane made pizza and Carrie made cupcakes. I imagine we will go somewhere tonight but Jane has yet to decide. I got her a box of chocolates and had 6 roses delivered to her at work today.

I guess the other eventful thing is that I've been going to the Y off and on. I usually go with Jane to the new Skyline branch downtown. I mostly just do the treadmill, rowing machine, and elliptical. It's kind of nice because around 7:30-8 am I am often the only one there.

Well, that's about it for now. I've wanted to write lately but it just doesn't seem that important or interesting anymore. I could handle more alone/down time. But, such is life right now. So be it.