Monday, February 06, 2017

Super bowl sunday 2017

So the New England Patriots beat the Atlanta Falcons 34-28 in OT in Super Bowl LI (51). Whether it was the greatest comeback or greatest choke-job in Super Bowl history is a matter of opinion. I suppose it was an exciting game, but as for me, it ranks just a few rungs lower than the morning after Trump won the presidential election this past year. I'm not sure how many more times I can say, "No. There's no way it can happen," and then it does (re: the Patriots and Trump both winning). But, alas, I suppose life will go on.

This particular Super Bowl Sunday wasn't all bad though. We started it off with three little munchkins known as our grandchildren spending the night Saturday. They all slept pretty well considering they all had colds and coughs to some degree.

Sunday morning we all woke up slowly and waited for their mom and dad to come over. We took Carrie and Anna to church with us, and the others had a "boys day" because of the runny noses (B & C). Church was a little different because the regular pastor was gone (his wife's grandfather's funeral in PA), but it was actually a surprisingly good service. Sunny led worship and we did an old hymn (How Great Thou Art). Btw, I don't know why more churches don't sing hymns anymore, because it seems like people sing out way more when they do. Anyway, then the founding pastor gave the message. He is retired now, and went way over on time, and it was obvious he was nervous and whatnot. However, in an odd sort of way I felt like the Spirit was really moving in the place on this particular day. I can't really explain it but it made more sense later on. I actually picked up a membership application for us after the service.

After church we dropped C & A off at the bar where they'd left their car the night before (Drew's band played there Saturday night). Jane and I then went to the Hoppy Gnome for lunch. It is not my favorite place - a little too hipstery for me - but it was okay. While there I got a message from the pastor at our home church back in Illinois. He said he is taking a sabbatical this spring and wondered if I could preach one Sunday. It was ironic in that I had actually just been thinking during the service that morning that I might be open to preaching again, plus the fact that I would be filling in during a pastors sabbatical (you know, 'cause of my history with failed sabbaticals - at least my own). So, I accepted the invitation before I'd had too much of a chance to think about it. I have no idea how to prepare a sermon anymore though. It's been almost four years since my last one.

Anyway, I took a nice nap in the afternoon, then we went over to Drew Carrie's for the Super Bowl and supper. We had taco's-in-a-bag and hung out with the grandkids until they fell asleep. Scott from the Y came over later. We had a good time until the end of the game. Fortunately I think I'd had enough of Scott's scotch that I didn't get too emotionally high or low, and we went home.

Oh, and as far as the halftime show... I'm not a big fan of Lady Gaga, but I also don't dislike her, so I actually thought it was fairly vanilla as far as music. I'm sure I am well beyond the age of the target audience though, so I wasn't disappointed or excited. It happened. :)

So, while the game didn't turn out like I'd hoped, it wasn't a bad Super Bowl Sunday.