Saturday, February 04, 2017

Davy knowles and feeling fine

Last night we went to the Davy Knowles concert at C2G Music Hall. I was not overly familiar with him, though I'd listened to a few tunes on youtube and various other places. I certainly like the blues. Interestingly enough, he also just so happened to play earlier in the week at the library of a friend of mine in Monroe, MI. The librarian there (Bill) and I know one another through our following of Jason & the Scorchers through the years. I thought that was funny.

Anyway, it was a fantastic show. The place was quite packed (maybe close to 400), and Davy really knows how to connect with an audience. He is a superb guitarist and singer as well. However it's hard not to like a guy who smiles almost the entire night and just seems like a genuinely good person - who plays the heck out of the blues. I was especially fond of the beat up looking black/white telecaster he used, as well as the 1932 National in the pic above.

The band took a break about halfway through the night, and Davy hustled around the back, dashed by me in the hallway, and spent the entire break signing autographs and posing for pics at the merchant table. So he didn't really take a break. It was just a splendidly good show and I will go see him again if he is nearby.

As for the C2G Music Hall... well, it's like we have finally found a home. This is also where we go to church. Come2Go Ministries and the Music Hall are separate entities, but they are run by the same group of people (basically). They share a building and are connected in various other ways. Now that we've come to know the people who make up the church, we also know the people who help with the music hall. I have to admit that it feels nice to be noticed and feel like a part of a group. It's hard to explain, but we feel like these are people we fit in with. Most of them are our age or older, most are probably artists/musicians/thinkers of some kind, and many are probably hippies at heart.

From the minute we arrived last night (and others too), we were greeted by friends. As we sat there during the show I was looking around and we knew almost everyone from the ticket-takers to the vendors, bartenders, and stage hands. We have not yet been asked to help out at these events, but it has started to feel like home, and I like that.

So... it was a good night.