Wednesday, February 01, 2017

Coaching license renew, car repair, exercise

I mentioned yesterday on the blog that I wanted to renew my coaching certification for at least another year. I did so right after posting it. I'd already taken my required class for the year, and just needed to pay my $75 renewal fee. If only I could make that money back somehow.....

I don't know if I will pursue the coaching anymore seriously or not, but at least I will be able to if I want to. I actually met someone at church last week who does coaching, and when she found out about me she asked if I would be interested in doing more. Again, I'm not sure, but I figure it wouldn't hurt me to review some of my notes and books and things. Who knows.

I took the '02 Buick Century in this morning to have a new serpentine belt put on, as well as the license plate bulb. The belt and assembly cost $157 alone, and it was $252.50 altogether. I suppose I could have looked up online how to do it myself, but I am past the point of doing any kind of car maintenance myself. It helps to have a mechanic you can trust. So, once again I went over to the Burger King at Southgate Plaza and had breakfast while they did it. It only took about a half hour.

I also got up early and went to the Skyline Y for the first time today! Jane and I left the house at 6 am and worked out for an hour. It is much nicer, or at least newer, than the central branch where I've been before. It doesn't have as many things, and the locker room is pretty small, but at least the showers have partitions and curtains. So I jogged 2 miles on the treadmill (30 minutes), did the crazy eliptical thing for about 6 minutes (almost died), and then used the rowing machine for about 12 minutes. It actually felt good to get up and do something. Gave me a little extra giddy-up in my step, at least for awhile.

So, counting the sweat I worked up roller skating on Saturday, and Jane and I worked out at the central branch for an hour Sunday, and I jogged a couple miles on the treadmill at home on Monday, I'm actually doing pretty good in the workout department this week.

For the record, I weighed myself Sunday at the Y and I was 178.6 lbs with my clothes on. That's quite a bit for me. I am hoping the first 10 lbs will come off without too much trouble. The problem will be the remaining 10-20 that need to go.

I would like to start going to the Y before work each day. If I left the house around 7:30 am I could get in an hour workout, shower, and still be to work in plenty of time by 9:30. I would prefer going to Central because there's free parking, but, to be honest, I hate taking a shower in the giant room with a bunch of other naked old guys. So we will see what I can work out about parking at Skyline. At any rate, I feel pretty good about crossing a couple things off my list already this week.