Saturday, March 11, 2017

Getting the motorcyle serviced

I finally took the '06 Kawasaki Vulcan 500 in to get it serviced and checked over yesterday. I took it to Redline Powersports - because it is just around the corner from work (which is also where I have been keeping the bike). After dropping it off I am wondering if that was such a good idea though.

Redline is known as a vintage motorcycle place, and also a Honda place. When I stopped in there to get the new battery for my bike the guy I talked to was very nice and said just drop my bike off anytime and they would take care of it (he knew it was a Kawasaki). However, when I talked to the guys in the shop they made me feel like they really weren't interested. In fact, the guy I talked to said he would have to talk to the mechanic to make sure he would even work on it, because it wasn't a Honda. He finally agreed "only because they didn't have a lot of work at the time."

I love driving by that place, and like looking at all the vintage Hondas. I wish I had one! But this experience rubbed me the wrong way and after leaving I wished I'd just said "no thanks" and rode my bike back to storage. But I didn't, so we will see how this goes. I don't have a very good feeling about it though. I can see it costing a bunch of money.

Anyway, I was still glad I finally did something. I've needed to have someone go through the bike. Even just changing the oil and making sure everything was adjusted okay. I meant to ride it the mile or two over there during one of the recent warm periods. That didn't work out, so it was a little chilly in the 30 degree weather yesterday. It's amazing how much the small shield on the front helps though. It wasn't near as cold of a ride as I thought it might be. I used to not like that shield, but it's really grown on me the more I've ridden with it on.

They told me the bike should be done in a week or so. So, I guess the verdict will be in soon.