Monday, March 06, 2017

Jane to buda

Jane, Carrie and Anna went to Buda for the weekend. It was just to visit my parents. I had to work Saturday so I didn't go and Drew stayed with the boys so it wasn't quite so hectic there. I think they had a nice time. They took my mom shopping in Peoria one day. Anna got to go out to the farm and see the cows, calves, cats and kittens. She did not want to leave.

We are hoping to get back for short visits more often. My dad is getting to be too much for my mom to handle and we are more worried about her than him. He can be obstinate and I don't think he should be making decisions, much less still driving. It's a difficult place to be. I/we feel like we should be there, but we also feel it's important to be here. So.... Who know what's going to happen.

I was glad they made the trip back and hopefully I can more often too. I pretty much just hung out at home the whole weekend. I had my pajamas on at 6:30 pm Saturday. I took the opportunity to watch some war/action-type movies that Jane doesn't care for. Sunday I also helped watch the boys while Drew took them individually to swim lessons.

So, that's about it. Today it's fairly warm but rainy. I did 5 miles on the treadmill at the Y this morning. Tonight we have Bible Study with Tom and Kim. I'm feeling pretty okay.