Saturday, March 04, 2017

Haircut and beard trim

I cut my hair yesterday. And if my blog records are correct - and I can't imagine that they're not - this is the longest I've gone without a haircut in a long, long time. The last recorded haircut I have is October 20th. That's quite awhile for me nowadays, though I used to actually go a year or more between haircuts at one point in my life.

I was going to try growing my hair out some, but it's just too obnoxious and I hate trying to cover up the balding so.... I'm settling with 1/8-1/4 inch hair until there is no more.

I started out using the #2 (1/4") and then used the #1 (1/8") on the sides and back. Then I decided to trim along the front with no shield and I accidentally cut into my hair all the way down. So I went with an extended #1 all over. I also cut the back too far up. It's difficult because I have this line of gray along the bottom of the back and it looks like I should just cut all that off, but I shouldn't. Oh well, having a messed up haircut will be good for my vanity.

I also trimmed my beard some. Instead of just cutting it down with the electric trimmers I actually used scissors and a comb on a lot of it. I think I'm starting to understand how barbers trim with the comb now, and I like it. I need to watch some Youtube videos or something though because I'm basically just going by looks/feel right now.

So, that's what I did last night. It always feels nice to have a clean smooth look.