Sunday, March 26, 2017

Treadmill trouble

This happened to our treadmill yesterday afternoon. I was 49 minutes into a 60-minute workout, had just slowed down, and it felt like the earth was moving. I have to say, though, the belt lasted longer than I expected it to.

We bought this Horizon T50 treadmill at Dick's Sporting Goods in November 2005. I'm guestimating we have logged nearly 10,000 miles between the 2 of us, and this is the first thing to ever go wrong with it. I would say this was a pretty good brand.

I ordered a replacement belt from Treadmill Doctor and it was $55 including shipping and handling. It should be here within a week. They also had a nifty video on their website showing how to replace it. I already have it torn down, now I just need the new belt and it will be ready to roll again.